services in Finland

We are always by your side

In different situations of work or social life, you need legal assistance that will put you on the safe path so that your rights are preserved and you are protected from accountability.

Establish a Company

To best fir your purposes, at APartners we will assist you in establishing a new company or purchasing an existing business, we will also advice you on document management and taxation in Finland. The process can take up to 4 weeks only!


Legal Services

Whatever assitance you need, whether legal advice or drafting an important document, here you will find legal experts from different legal backgrounds who will provide you with reliable legal assistance.


Renew or Change Resident Permit

If you are in Finland and have been denied a resident permit, or been served with a negative decision, we can assist you during the appeal process or provide alternative solutions depending on your situation


Asylum Appeals

If your asylum application was denied or you have been served with a negative decision, contact us for a better consultation regarding your situation