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We compose a vital asset to companies who search to grow through a global network, matchmaking and partnership.

We guide you through every step of the way APartners is here to help you take your first steps in the world of entrepreneurship, while having a reliable business partner by your side. 

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Leading professionals will work for your business to ensure efficiency and quality in every step of the way in order to achieve your business goals. 

One of our most ordered services provides you with a focus on your company’s statue involving the past, current and future situation. As consulting is the core of our business, we will work together to define the strongest and weakest sides of the company and define the right answer to your problems, questions, requests. Being able to define the topic or the research problem is not compulsory since we can do the task as long as you provide enough information or a description of what the company needs to be consulted on for us to select the right staff to be in contact with you 

Welcome to Finland, the best place for international businesses and education. Our company offers variety of orientation services in order to answer to all our client’s questions and needs. Our consultants can introduce you to any of the following topics: Establishing a company in Finland Establishing a business in Middle east Start-up In Finland


Although the type, scope and content of activities varies, the need for development and financing is common to all entrepreneurs. When changes occur, an entrepreneur faces numerous challenges that may have devastating economic consequences. 

Since the most economic option is to prevent judicial risks in advance, prior to their escalation, we encourage you to contact us when planning any changes. In addition to normal consultative and litigation matters, we serve as a long-term partner for your company. 

Common purchased services:

Market research
Business Plan
Financial Plan

Contracts and Contacts Ground Legal assistance 

Despite the size of a company, the right contacts and leads are very valuable especially when integrating different markets in different countries,That is why our consultants can define the best targeted contacts for your company based on your needs. 

Assistance through the process of the project can be offered as well by our legal experts as well as other services upon agreement such as contracts, negotiations.

Our Match Making services are not limited to B2B

Businesses only but we can serve B2C as well in a way that we can select the right international candidates for your company in different fields . 

In order to reduce their costs and improve service efficiency, many companies choose to outsource tasks, job or/and process. Outsourcing, when used properly, can become a strategic basis to a long term cost-effective production. 

In Finland the concept of outsourcing can be fully adopted by small, medium and of course large enterprises in order to avoid unnecessary costs. In addition, APartners can create tailored outsourcing services in accordance with individual needs of a company.